Ciccio Graziani lashes out at Vincenzo Italiano

©Getty Images

“This is not the first time Italian has disappointed me.”

Vincenzo Italiano’s Fiorentina, called to give continuity after the home victory obtained against Verona before the national team break, ran into a new defeat – the third in the league, in just eight games – in Bergamo. The purple eleven once again complained of the usual problems of offensive sterility, failing to pierce the attentive Bergamo defense.

In his post-match analysis, Ciccio Graziani harshly criticized the purple coach’s management of changes, also accused of relying on a now predictable form.

“This is not the first time that Italiano has disappointed me,” the world champion began at the microphones of RTV 38. “You cannot make such late changes. With the five substitutions you can change half the team, but they have to be given time to get into the game. If you put Jovic on 76′ and Cabral on 86′ the actual minutes of play are very few, and they don’t even have time to make an impact. Can’t these two guys really play together? Jovic underplaying was an emergency move, but you have to find a way to be able to integrate them between now and January. As for the outfielders, it’s known that they don’t have scoring in their blood, and that’s a problem in the long run. The 4-3-3 has become predictable and will get us nowhere,” thundered the former striker.

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