Pro League, Ghirelli: “Firm condemnation of the events in Avellino.”

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Harsh stance of the Pro League

Francesco Ghirelli, president of the Lega Pro, expressed on Monday the firm condemnation by the body that brings together the clubs of Serie C “in relation to the episodes of violence, threats and attempted assaults that occurred in Avellino in the last two days that concerned the green-and-white youth sector and in particular the head of the youth sector of U.S. Avellino Giuliano Capobianco,” reads the note released by the Lega Pro itself.

“It is shameful and unspeakable,” the note continues, quoting Ghirelli’s words directly, “that parents of young players go so far as to threaten the head of the club in which their son plays because the latter is not made to play. Soccer is a game that should bring lessons of joy, fun and civility. The Pro League condemns without ifs and buts these episodes of violence totally at odds with the fundamental principles of our soccer. We express our utmost solidarity with Avellino Calcio and its manager Giuliano Capobianco, hoping that ordinary justice will also make the proper investigations of the case.”

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