Ducati, Gigi Dall’Igna is candid about Johann Zarco’s decision

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Ducati general manager is candid about Zarco

Ducati Corse General Manager Gigi Dall’Igna, via his personal Linkedin profile, gave his thoughts on the Thai Grand Prix, where Pecco Bagnaia managed to further reduce the gap in the standings to Fabio Quartararo.

“A huge satisfaction. Of course, today’s results are equivalent to an overall victory, and that doesn’t just mean the usual trivia. This was a really tough race, made even more complicated by the weather conditions that put incredible pressure on a race, the importance of which for the championship was already a given certainty. A great job combined with a great team spirit allowed our drivers to give that extra “something” that made the difference today. Jack put all his heart into the game, as well as his great talent, making the most of the wet conditions, scoring a super race that, after his success in Japan, deservedly brings him back to the front line in the season finale. Pecco, in a simply masterful manner, handled a challenge that could prove decisive in the world championship stakes-a psychologically delicate test after his mistake in Japan. Being the true champion that he is, he managed to keep everything under control and, at the same time, to run extremely fast, as never before in such challenging conditions, against opponents who continued to challenge him on every lap of an interminable race. Absolutely formidable. This gives us a great motivational and mental boost: we needed it, and we needed it now,” reads Dall’Igna’s review.

“Then I’m happy for all the Ducati riders, starting with Bezzecchi’s first splendid pole position and ending with an inexhaustible Zarco, protagonist of a race finale worthy of a podium. Johann deserves special thanks for not trying to overtake Pecco in the final stages of the race: an attempt that would have been particularly risky, given the track conditions, thus giving up a place on the podium that could easily have been within his reach. It was an opportunity not to be missed, and so we took it: now the outcome of the World Championship will depend, above all, on us. We will have to keep working as we have done so far, trying to find the speed we need to win the remaining 3 races. The dream continues… Forza Ducati,” continued the Borgo Panigale factory general manager, who congratulated the other Ducati riders and thanked Pramac rider Johann Zarco.

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