Inter-Barcelona, Simone Inzaghi applauds his team: ‘An evening that will remain’

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Inzaghi applauds his team after Champions League win, against Barcelona

Inter coach Simone Inzaghi spoke to Sky Sport microphones after the Nerazzurri’s crucial victory against Barcelona in the match valid for the third day of the Champions League group stage.

“I had said yesterday in the conference that it was a great occasion, against one of the strongest teams in the world, but the boys played the game we had to play, bad and determined. We didn’t do anything, however, it’s an important night, which will remain,” said the coach of the Milanese side

“It can be the beginning of a new season, we will have to be good at giving continuity. I don’t have any revenge, I carry on with my work, these moments happen but I always hold my head high because I know that in these 14 months I have done very good things, together with my staff and the club,” continued the Piacenza coach.

“I saw a compact, united, fighting team, otherwise you cannot achieve such results,” concluded Inzaghi, congratulating his players.

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