Martin Brundle doesn’t trust the “new” Max Verstappen

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Martin Brundle’s words

Martin Brundle is back to talk about what happened in Singapore: “Max Verstappen should have been on pole but staying on track for most of the final 12 minutes of Q3 was forced to abandon the last lap of the pole with two corners to go in order to have enough fuel for the mandatory technical checks. The championship leader was extremely unhappy and made this known to the team in no uncertain terms. Behind the Max 2.0’s appearance of calm and serenity, there is still quite a temper.”

The former driver also addressed the Perez case: “Sergio was very lucky to receive only a 5-second penalty for not staying within 10 lengths of the safety car while leading the pack. Presumably, he was able to convince the marshals that with the cold tires and difficult conditions, and with the ebb and flow of the safety car and F1 speeds, this was acceptable. Thus, quite some time after the race, a victory was confirmed that every F1 driver in history would like to have on their resume, such was the challenge and intensity. Sergio occasionally ends up on the missing list for a couple of races, but when challenging opportunities arise he is the man with a plan and a calm, mature head.”

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