Fabio Capello pulls Dusan Vlahovic’s ears

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The words of Fabio Capello

Fabio Capello, in the columns of La Stampa, took stock of Juventus: “Did you see Di Maria against Maccabi? You want to discuss schemes and play, the difference is always made by the players: a star player may not do so many things, but he touches three balls and sends two teammates into the goal.

“We copied the worst things of “guardiolism,” ball possession and side passes: now he has evolved, grafted the center forward, and we have taken away all responsibility from the players who rest on the side and don’t risk any more. Vlahovic possesses great skills, but he can do much more: the jump to a big club increases responsibility and sometimes it weighs,” he added.

Tone on Milan-Juventus: “Milan, as always, will try to play the game. Juventus will be more in control and ready to take advantage of any difficulties. Without Di Maria, disqualified, who something extra with that little foot guaranteed.”

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