Paulo Dybala injury, José Mourinho’s jibe.

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Mourinho still critical of calendar issue

Jose Mourinho faces the difficult challenge against Betis, which is important for continuing to cultivate ambitions of qualifying for the Europa League elimination stage, without the most important striker in Roma’s squad, Paulo Dybala.

The injury of La Joya, who will be out between four and six weeks, has reopened the debate on the great pressure of the calendar due to the World Cup break, and, asked about the issue in a press conference, Mourinho himself did not hide a dig: “When we were talking about the World Cup in winter, years ago, we had posed the problem of preparation. We simply have to live the situation as it presents itself.”

“I have learned to cry less than before, to live with reality,” he added. “To say that there is a lot of play, to say that the richer clubs have bigger roses, you can say. But the truth is that there are the rich, the poor and the less rich. The rich can play every day, the poor every three days: the less rich are in trouble because they have to play the same games as the rich. This is what is happening.”

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