PSG: Kylian Mbappé sheds light on his own future

©Getty Images

The French star has no intention of leaving Paris

For the past few days there has been talk of Mbappé’s possible farewell to PSG. According to several media outlets, the French star is reportedly thinking of packing his bags and leaving Paris as early as during the winter soccer market window.

After the match with O.Marseille (1-0 for PSG), Mbappé was clear about his future: “I am very happy at PSG. I never asked to leave in January, I have no idea where the rumors that have come out these days are coming from. I was as surprised as everyone else. There are people who might think I am involved in all this, but I am not involved,” his post-match words. On whether he is nervous at PSG, the 1998-class star explained, “All false, I am very happy here.” Case closed?

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