Milan, what a tegola: another injury for Mike Maignan, his condition

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Mike Maignan reported a new muscle problem.

Mike Maignan’s new injury freezes Milan: according to Sky reports, the French goalkeeper, close to recovery from a previous muscle problem, has reportedly suffered a new calf trouble. The Meneghini’s extreme defender will soon undergo tests to determine the extent of the new injury, which is likely to strand him for a long time to come.

Maignan was first injured last Sept. 25, an injury to the medial twin in his right calf that prevented him from taking the field in the league and Champions League for a month.

The goalkeeper had hoped to be available again for the match with Monza, but the new stop will probably lengthen his recovery time.The former Lille man cannot risk anything, given the upcoming World Cup in Qatar where he could be among the stars of the French national team.

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