Trento, Lele Molin warns his team about Sassari: “It doesn’t seem like it’s in crisis to me.”

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Trento will take on Piero Bucchi’s Dinamo Sassari

Trento’s coach Lele Molin spoke in a press conference ahead of the away game that will see the Bianconeri team engaged on the parquet of Dinamo Sassari: “We return from a long weekend of away games and another game away from home awaits us: Sassari is a high level team, but hurt by the results of the last few weeks. They will want to react to this period in which the successes they thought they were going to achieve have failed them, I think the Sardinian team and staff by experience and international value know what to do to turn things around and get back on track. I don’t see them as a team ‘in crisis,’ as I read in some newspapers: they are a group that has changed some pawns, a system in which important players like Onuaku or Jones are adapting and that needs to find the right balances to be effective to their full potential.”

Trento is coming off a good start in the league, with two wins in three days, but it is still winless in the EuroCup.

“We counting the absences of Ladurner and Udom have played two honest games, the one in Varese ended with a rocambolic success but one that we built with parsimony and sacrifice; in London, on the other hand, we didn’t have the same strength and in the last quarter we paid for it in terms of effort and fatigue. We can work to improve our continuity; we alternate good moments with others in which we are ineffective or bungling, on offense and defense. It will take time. But so far I am satisfied with the team’s work and steps forward, compared to even just the first championship game against Tortona, Varese and London I saw much more cohesion and compactness. On Sunday we also find Mattia Udom back on the court, his return will not be the solution to all our problems but we need to train and play together as much as possible. Next week we will also have a better picture of the situation of Max Ladurner, who in these days has also resumed training with the ball with more intensity,” Molin continued.

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