A former Torino man sentences on the next granata striker

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Torino in goal-scoring slump: a former granata surprises everyone

Torino is having a huge struggle to capitalize on goal-scoring chances: Juric’s gang has scored just 8 goals so far (the same as Fiorentina, worse only last-place Sampdoria) but for Giuseppe Dossena, a striker is not needed.

The former granata player, when asked by Corriere della Sera, ruled, “It is not necessarily necessary to have a 15-goal striker, the important thing is to have an oiled game and an offensive mentality that brings several players to the conclusion.”

“Toro has potential, but they have to bring it out, and it takes courage to do that,” he continued. “Juventus were injured, and in the first half hour they were in trouble. It needed to be attacked more, instead I only saw a couple of shots on goal. Not only that, the granata gave their opponents hope with some trivial and avoidable mistakes. Torino got something less than it deserved. The players bought in the summer are good and can guarantee an important leap in quality, I am thinking especially of the trequartisti.”

“We always hope that Italian players can be enhanced, however, society as a whole is becoming multicultural and soccer is a reflection of that. We cannot plug our ears or close our borders. That said, Torino has some talented Italian players. Pellegri has great potential, that’s for sure. To exploit it first of all he must be well physically. Then he must dare, have courage and desire to take the stage. He as well as other players, the granata do not lack classy elements that can change the game with a play, but they have to dare more.”

Torino’s next engagement will be with Udinese: “As I said, it takes courage. It will be a match in which if you just defend you will take risks, because Udinese has a lot of quality going forward. But I know that this is not the mentality of Juric’s Toro, and I think we will see a very intense and maybe even spectacular match between two teams that will respond blow by blow.”

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