F1, Ferrari: Carlos Sainz is a fury, harsh words

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Carlos Sainz tough

It did not go down at all, for Carlos Sainz, the contact at the beginning of the race with George Russell that caused such damage to the Ferrari driven by the Spaniard that it irreparably ousted him from the U.S. GP, which started in pole position and ended after a few meters.

“I’m angry and disappointed,” Sainz told ‘Sky Sports,’ “This is the second race in a row that I’ve finished without completing a single lap. What happened? I was in a battle with Max, from behind came someone who had nothing to do with that battle and pushed me out: it’s not fair. The five-second penalty doesn’t make up for my retirement at all, although I don’t want to comment on the race officials’ decisions.”

On the start, Sainz went on to explain, “I was not off to a bad start, it was Max who had a great start. We don’t know why but it seems that here in Austin the one who is second starts better than the one who made the pole. And also we have often had problems at the start this season. Unfortunately then there was also contact: that’s how it went.”

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