Adrien Rabiot may really leave Juventus this time

©Getty Images

There is Chelsea for Rabiot

A couple of months ago, according to reports in the Manchester Evening News, Manchester United and Juventus had reached an agreement for Adrien Rabiot’s transfer to England. Evidently, this was not the case but the French midfielder’s Premier League landing may have only been postponed.

There is persistent talk of a Chelsea lunge, which could try to pick up the former Paris Saint Germain man as early as January: it’s up to Ms. Veronique, the player’s mother-agent, to get around a table with the London club’s management to bring home the most pounds. Whether or not the Bianconeri stay in the Champions League will not be a detail.

Rabiot, in Juventus’ last league match at home with Empoli, rediscovered himself as a bomber: he scored a brace.

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