Mental coach responds testy to Fabio Capello: controversy continues

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Mental coach responds stymied to Fabio Capello

Sandro Corapi, a mental coach who worked until a few months ago with Simone Inzaghi, responds to Fabio Capello to

Capello, referring to Inzaghi, said that a coach, a guide for his team. “This is some of the biggest baloney I have ever heard in my entire career,” Corapi fumed. “I respect Fabio Capello for the role he has played in soccer, but we are talking about a coach who made soccer history 20 or 30 years ago. The world evolves and soccer has remained at 30 years ago. Certainly Fabio Capello does not know the figure of the mental coach. Before you speak you have to know what a person does, you run the risk of throwing mud on things that instead have incredible usefulness, and this is shown by the footballers who thank their mental coaches, who have helped them out of moments of crisis. And this is true for many coaches who have mental coaches right now, even if you don’t know, they have mental coaches.”

“A coach is usually a former footballer, who has only been a footballer and if he has read 2-3 books that is already a lot, why then not get help from a professional? If you want to use an authoritarian style like Capello probably did in his locker room, that’s another thing. But that is a style that lasts very little in a soccer team. So before you speak you should know what you want to say,” added the mental coach.

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