MotoGp, Luca Marini goes charging on the issue of minimum weight

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Mooney VR46 rider clear on weight limit in MotoGp

Mooney VR46 Racing Team rider Luca Marini, in his second year in MotoGp, spoke about the possibility of introducing minimum weight in the top MotoGP category.

The 1997 class, interviewed by ‘’ had his say, “It can’t be that they haven’t introduced the minimum weight in MotoGp yet.”

“In Moto2 there is a minimum weight. In MotoGp it is more complicated; I try to be more strict with my training program and diet. There is no minimum weight, so there is a 10-kilogram difference between me and another Ducati rider,” continued the Valentino Rossi team centaur.

“It has a big impact on the behavior of the bike and tire wear. On many circuits I have the feeling, and the data confirm it, that I ask more from the tires. I am heavier and you have to transmit more energy to be able to accelerate in the same way,” Marini then concluded.

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