Vincenzo Nibali blunt: “My heir? Today there is not.”

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Vincenzo Nibali is blunt

“Unfortunately, as of today there is not, we have to wait some more time.” Vincenzo Nibali is peremptory with Il Messaggero when asked who his heir is.

“There are a lot of young people who are emerging,” the Sicilian then stresses, “I am very curious to see how Andrea Bagioli will evolve, who is a very interesting guy. In recent years I have also raced alongside two youngsters like Giulio Ciccone and Antonio Tiberi, who has picked up some good results this season. We have to see how he will mature, whether as a cronoman or as a stage race man: after all, he is only 21 years old and we have to give him time. Ciccone on the other hand we know him, he is a very strong climber and a brave rider, but sometimes he is a bit nervous. I hope he can find that subtle balance that will allow him to have continuity.”

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