F1, Red Bull: David Coulthard goes against the grain on budget cap issue

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David Coulthard goes against the grain

Lex driver of Williams, McLaren and Red Bull, David Coulthard, has had his say regarding the penalty imposed on the Austrian manufacturer, over the budget cap issue.

Unlike many, the Briton thinks the measures taken by the FIA are heavy and will have consequences for the performance of the Austrian single-seaters.

“In Formula 1, of course, it’s all about aerodynamics. When you have less time in the wind tunnel to develop the package, but you already have a very good one and you turn out faster than the others, that might not have a big impact. But if you take into account how fast teams develop from the beginning to the end of the year, an undeveloped car that wins the first Grand Prix will struggle to reach the top-10 at the end of the world championship. So it’s actually quite a heavy penalty,” explained the former driver, in an interview with ‘Channel 4’.

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