Massimiliano Allegri furious despite third place finish

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The words of Massimiliano Allegri

Massimiliano Allegri is not celebrating the third place that was at least worth relegation to the Europa League: “When you go out defeated you just have to be angry. We lost 5 out of 6 games, we have to be just angry, also because we won’t be able to go and play against the best in Europe. The anger we have from this elimination we have to take with us: now there are three league games before the break and on Sunday there will be Juventus-Inter, a very delicate game from every point of view. They are a physical team, we need to recover energy and prepare as best we can.”

He closed on the youngsters: “They did well from a mental point of view, then we stretched and they were deadly, in three passes they got in front of the goalkeeper. When you play against these teams you can’t do anything wrong. Miretti? He had a good match, he needs to have lucidity and calm, but he did important things, he will also find the goal.”

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