Paolo Maldini points to Milan loose cannon

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The words of Paolo Maldini

Paolo Maldini enjoys winning the Champions League round of 16. “We started three years ago, we set ourselves goals and this is the year to regain that European dimension that has always belonged to Milan. It is not easy because we are still very far from the teams that are dominating economically, but in the round of 16 we will be a loose cannon.”

“We are very happy, but the team is becoming mature and maybe two years ago they would have celebrated more and that is good. I am hungry, I like to see this same spirit in the team as well. Last year’s Scudetto was won because everyone gave that extra something to overcome Inter. It will happen like that in the Champions League as well.”

Closing remark on Pioli’s renewal: “It was not in question, it would not have affected the Turin game or even this one.”

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