Champions League, Napoli: Rudi Garcia exposes himself on Kvicha Kvaratskhelia

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Rudi Garcia explains Kvicha Kvaratskhelia’s moment

On the sidelines of the success obtained on the field of Sporting Braga, Rudi Garcia spoke to the microphones of 'Sky Sport' not only about the performance of the match, but also about the still rather gray moment of Kvicha Kvaratskhelia, still dry this season and again replaced during the resumption.

"He needs to play and find his rhythm again,” said the French coach, “in such a difficult match, however, he proved to be important not only in the offensive phase, participating in the action of Di Lorenzo’s goal, but also in the defensive one, sacrificing himself when needed.

"It's always difficult to win a Champions League match away from home,‖ he added, generalizing the speech.

We are happy because we scored two goals, one and a half because they scored in their own but it has to be said that we work precisely on these low and strong crosses, because they can make anything happen".

Garcia’s critical cue is not about individuals but the whole team: "We have to work on the ability" to put ourselves on the back foot: we had several chances to double, we didn’t and they equalized…. Luckily we won it shortly after, we have to be happy with the result".

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