F1, Sebastian Vettel kicked out of Aston Martin office

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F1, Sebastian Vettel kicked out of Aston Martin office

Sebastian Vettel wants at all costs to bid farewell to the world of Formula 1 in style. This is also confirmed by Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack: “Seeing him work is beautiful and inspiring, his approach and dedication to work is exemplary. On the Friday night in Mexico we almost had to kick him out of the office otherwise he would stay there and study the data and analyze various things to improve. We were forced.”

“I can safely say that Seb certainly does not have an attitude typical of a driver who is close to saying goodbye,” he continued to the Daily Express. “He really wants to do well, he wants to help us in moving forward with the car and make his contribution to finish the season in the best possible way. His contribution has been crucial for us, we will miss him a lot.”

Reached by Der Spiegel, Vettel announced that he will stay away from the F1 world after retirement, “I haven’t made plans yet but I’m not sure I want to watch the races. Formula 1 has been my priority in life for 16 years now I hope I can do without it and not end up in withdrawal. I am convinced that I will be able to open the next door and find my happiness there. That is why I will certainly not stand in front of a camera at the first race of next season as a pundit. My role models are the people who have been successful by diving in and taking the next step in their lives.”

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