A former Torino man pulls the ears of Samuele Ricci and Pietro Pellegri

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A former Torino man pulls the ears of Samuel Ricci

On Sunday, Torino failed to confirm the excellent things seen against AC Milan and capitulated in Bologna. However, the granata had to recriminate over Orsolini’s alleged foul against Ricci, an action from which the goal resulted. Reached by toronews.net, Severino Rampanti analyzed the incident this way, pulling the young midfielder’s ears: “Players must get used to standing their ground and not complaining too much, because otherwise referees are inclined to think they are making scenes.”

“Even if you get fouled you have to try to stand. Times have changed, it used to be that you would do everything not to end up on the ground so as to avoid leaving the way clear for the opponent should the referee not blow the whistle. Even in Torino-Milan on the Buongiorno-Messias contact the foul was there, then Buongiorno went down and the referee thought he accentuated the push.”

In the match against Thiago Motta’s gang Pietro Pellegri came off after just 3 seconds. Rampanti also has some for the former AC Milan player: “When I saw the scene I thought that the boy has a very low pain threshold. All players when they go on the field have physical problems, some pain here and there is always there. No one is ever 100 percent, but you go on the field and you also struggle with pain. A soccer player has to worry when he has no problems. Taking the field with a few aches and pains is the norm, you get help from the medical staff and you hold up mentally. Obviously this guy can improve from this point of view.”

“When there are opportunities to make the leap in quality Torino never takes them and what is missing are many things: first of all the depth of the players, because if a player after a good performance fails to give continuity it means that he lacks maturity. Maturity is achieved with the approach on the job and with determination day by day. It is necessary to always remain focused, always wanting to achieve new goals. If this is lacking the road becomes hard,” Rampanti concluded.

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