Martin Castrogiovanni points to the new Italrugby

©Getty Images

The words of Martin Castrogiovanni

Martin Castrogiovanni, on the sidelines of the opening ceremony at the Testori Auditorium in Palazzo Regione Lombardia of the “40th Sport Movies #38; Tv – Milano International FICTS Fest,” spoke to the microphones of about his Academy. “I am very happy with this project that has been going on for eight years. We try to teach kids to live rugby in the right way, which is what I have also done. Sports should unite and train people.”

Closing remark on Italrugby: “There has been a very big generational change. When we started in 2002, we went quite a few years without winning games. Many people forget that. Rugby is cyclical. Today’s Azzurri have everything to do even better than what we did.”

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