Kieran Crowley enjoys Italrugby’s feat.

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Kieran Crowley’s words.

Kieran Crowley enjoys the victory his Italrugby team achieved against Australia.

“We will certainly celebrate tonight, a win like this in an official Test-match also requires knowing how to enjoy the positive moments. There is a lot to learn from a match like this, today the boys showed that they were willing to die for the jersey, and this is a very important value that must be recognized to them, and from which to always start. Moreover, with Australia we explored some new solutions in our game, which succeeded very well, I am really satisfied.”

“Beating Australia is a great result, sport sometimes smiles at you by letting you win by a point, sometimes not by letting you lose by that same point. The significance of such a result is important for the people, for the movement, but especially for the team, which always gives 110 percent in every single training. They really deserve it, I am happy mainly for them.”

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