F1, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez try to make peace

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The two Red Bull drivers try to reconnect after last week’s controversy

A one-two finish in qualifying at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has restored some serenity in the Red Bull household. Max Verstappen after qualifying extended his hand to teammate Sergio Perez after the controversy of a week ago in Brazil: “I’m very happy with the fact that both cars are on the front row. We want to win the race and finish second in the championship and that is a very good starting point for tomorrow. it will be a good battle, but we have both cars in front and we will be able to handle things the way we want.”

The Mexican driver responded by congratulating the world champion: “He did well, we worked together as a team. We were strong and we look forward to tomorrow. Strategy? It will be interesting, Ferrari will be strong and Mercedes will also be there. It will be an interesting race.”

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