Olimpia Milano meltdown, Ettore Messina doesn’t hide: “Ready to step aside”

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A very heavy defeat, with very harsh considerations after the game was over.

Olimpia Milano falls disastrously at the Mediolanum Forum against Anadolu Efes, which wins in Assago with a score of 51-80. A crushing victory, materialized, however, only after the long interval and the great balance of the first two quarters. Which, in fact, had ended 18-18 and 34-34 respectively. Precisely for this reason at the end of the game Ettore Messina is particularly severe, even with himself.

“In the second half we played without putting our heart into it. We disrespected ourselves and our fans. This is really embarrassing. The first person responsible is me, and if we continue like this I am ready to step aside,” were the only hot words spoken by Messina at the end of the Euroleague rout.

The third quarter ended with a mortifying 7-21 for Milan, unable to shake off even in the final partial (finished 25-10 for Anadolu). From the Turkish team also the top four scorers of the Euroleague night (top scorer Clyburn with 24 points). For Olimpia, no one did better than Mitrou-Long, who stopped at 10. Only Nicolò Melli scored 9.

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