Dominik Paris chases a dream

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Merano skier chases a dream

Dominik Paris spoke to official FISI channels during time trials (the second one scheduled for Wednesday has been canceled) on Lake Louis, which will end on Thursday, Nov. 24.

“I try to go fast, then we’ll see what happens in the races. I haven’t lost the dream of winning the Downhill Cup, I believe in it. However, to win you have to be consistent in your results throughout the season, and it’s not easy given also the increasingly fierce competition from your opponents,” explained the Italian.

“We had a good training at Copper Mountain, where there was winter snow and a lot of cold. They were good training days and now the adrenaline is rising for the start of the races. I think starting with Lake Louise is really optimal, because you race immediately on winter snow and it is the best condition to prepare for the more technical races that will come later,” Paris continued.

Finally, he concluded by giving his assessment of the Lake Louis track, “This is a track that we all know very well and where the gaps are always very small between the top racers. They will be to be feared, as usual, Norwegians and Austrians, however, there are many young people who are growing fast. I’m not naming names, but it will be interesting to see the first ranking.”

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