F1, Max Verstappen outspoken about Ferrari and Charles Leclerc

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Max Verstappen doesn’t mince words about Ferrari and Charles Leclerc

Having archived the 2022 season with victory in the last Gp on the calendar, the one in Abi Dhabi, two-time world champion Max Verstappen went over his triumphant year in a lengthy interview on the ‘Viaplay’ platform, also devoting a thought to this year’s main rivals: Ferrari and, in particular, Charles Leclerc.

“Ferrari started very strong,” he said, recalling the Leclerc-Sainz one-two in Bahrain. “However, in the middle of the season, they had a lot of difficulties. There were some mistakes, it’s not nice when that happens and I understand that kind of feeling: from our point of view, though, it went well, also because we managed to recover after a bad start to the season.”

The key moment, for Verstappen, was the French GP, the one when Leclerc made a mistake while leading the race: “From that race I thought ‘Okay, this is our moment. If we don’t make mistakes we will win,’ and that’s how it went.”

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