Marco Bezzecchi, message to Uccio and Valentino Rossi: “What luck.”

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Rookie of the year Bezzecchi grateful to VR46: “They put me in a position to do well”

Marco Bezzecchi in an interview with Motorsport thanked Valentino Rossi and the VR46 team for putting him in the right conditions to shine in his first year in MotoGp: “I was lucky enough to have a two-year contract with my team. We talked a lot about this during the winter because I needed to take my time, to have the serenity to have some time, also to make some mistakes that unfortunately at the beginning you make.”

“I was lucky in the beginning because Uccio, VR46, the guys in the Academy and also Ducati itself gave me the chance for these two years. There are unfortunately those who didn’t get it. In my opinion, especially a rookie needs to have a year where he has his mind clear of these things and can concentrate on learning. Then the next year of course it’s okay to do what you need to do.”

On his season: “At the beginning, after the first test, I was quite struggling. It was something that was very strange for me, in fact everyone had gone faster than me and I had been quite a bit slower. But I used an approach that I thought was very good this year, and the first test helped me to understand what to work on for the body and for my riding, to try to learn well. I wanted to understand what I was doing, and that then helped me during the season because I was able to learn quite well and now I’m quite competitive.”

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