Ducati-Valentino Rossi, case closed: “There is an obligation.”

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Valentino Rossi’s team will remain a Ducati customer until the end of 2024, Ciabatti is sure of it

Valentino Rossi’s VR46 team will remain with Ducati until the end of 2024, as per the contract, despite Yamaha’s courtship. “We have a contract and an obligation with VR46, and this contract will last until the end of 2024,” Ciabatti told Speedweek. “The VR46 team is made up of serious people, and the riders are happy with the bike and the results they get. I feel sorry for Yamaha.”

The sports director admitted that 8 bikes on the grid until 2024 is perhaps a bit too much: “It is not an ideal situation in the medium to long term. On the other hand, Suzuki had no plans for a satellite team when we made the deals with Rossi and Gresini. In the meantime it got even worse, they withdrew as a factory team. And Aprilia was maybe not so attractive a year ago when we made a deal with Gresini Racing. So we made a two-year deal. I can’t say anything about Yamaha, they had a satellite team and lost it.”

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