Let’s Build Kindness awards Federica Cappelletti

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Let’s Build Kindness awards Federica Cappelletti

“Federica Cappelletti ambassador of Costruiamo Gentilezza for sport in the life and memory of Paolo Rossi.” This is the phrase on the shirt, an expression of the “Let’s Build Kindness in Sport” award, promoted by Ussi Toscana, a group of Tuscan sports journalists led by Franco Morabito, and the Cor et Amor Association, chaired by Luca Nardi. It was presented to journalist Federica Cappelletti, Pablito’s wife, for her great commitment to social work through sports, which she carries on in the memory of the unforgettable ’82 World Champion with the Paolo Rossi Foundation.

“It is a pride to be an ambassador of kindness in sports,” said Federica Cappelletti, “it is a way to continue to donate those values and principles that Paolo embodied in life.

The “Let’s Build Kindness in Sport” Award, which enhances good practices, gestures and initiatives that arise from and promote the values of sport, was born from the collaboration between Ussi Toscana and the Cor et Amor Association. Before Federica Cappelletti, the Award went to Guglielmo Vicario, goalkeeper of Empoli FC for his heartfelt gesture of welcoming and hosting a family that escaped the horrors of war. It was presented at the Coverciano Technical Center by journalist and Ussi Toscana deputy secretary, Gaia Simonetti.

Let’s Build Kindness is a national pathway that promotes kindness in multiple fields and is developed by a team of more than 1,700 women and men engaged in daily acts of kindness.

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