Davide Rebellin, Urbano Cairo does not forget Scarponi

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Cairo’s words

Urbano Cairo, president and CEO of Rcs Mediagroup, the organizing company of the Giro d’Italia, had his say on the tragic death of Davide Rebellin. “I learned the news as I was getting out of the car. I didn’t know him personally, but I followed his career when he wore the pink jersey. And then there was this amazing thing about him as a professional at 51 years old. We need a culture of respect, we need more prevention, we need more attention. We need to try to figure out how to do it because there are millions of people on the roads. Unfortunately, these things keep happening.”

The Turin president cited another incident, “I remember the Scarponi tragedy. Now it is something that is repeated. It happens daily unfortunately on the roads. There needs to be more attention, we need to figure out how to do it. Now it seems almost obvious to say, but it takes prevention and it’s not easy because there are millions of people on the roads, in cars, trucks, on bicycles. There is fatality, but there has to be something that has to be done because it is not possible for so many people to lose their lives. It is something terrible that leaves us appalled.”

“The big Giro d’Italia family must send the message for more virtuous behavior. We have done this in the past but clearly it is not enough because these tragedies still happen. We need more attention on the roads. We will reiterate this even more at the next Giro d’Italia. Today on the day we were supposed to present the pink jersey we felt this great sadness. At 51, he had broken all longevity records,” Cairo concluded.

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