Roger Federer is already feeling the nostalgia

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Roger Federer awaits full physical recovery to take up racquet again

Barely two months have passed since his emotional farewell to the professional circuit, but Roger Federer makes no secret of the fact that he is already feeling some nostalgia for the tournament atmosphere.

During an event organized by one of his sponsors in Tokyo, the legendary Swiss champion admitted that he is thinking about participating in a few exhibition tournaments, although there is a rather big obstacle, at least for now: “I would like to play in places where I have never done it and thank the fans who have cheered for me throughout my career,” he explained. “I would also like to organize exhibitions, but it is still too early, because my knee is not yet in perfect condition.

“I have to be patient,” King Roger added. “The doctors have advised me to be cautious and wait a few months to see how the situation evolves: it doesn’t only apply to tennis, but to any sporting activity. I have to be careful.”

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