Palermo wins in Benevento and misleads the Giallorossi

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A result that stirs the waters in the danger zone of the standings in no small part.

Palermo wins in Benevento, breathes, rises in the standings and puts the Campania Giallorossi in trouble. The 0-1 at the Vigorito stadium, signed by Brunori, in fact allows the Rosanero formation to move to 18 points, +3 from the playout zone in which there are precisely the opponents of the match that closed the Sunday program of Serie B.

First half favorable to Benevento, which, however, did not take advantage of territorial dominance to unlock the score despite Letiia’s initiatives and attempts by La Gumina and Farias. Then, at the end of the period, it was Acampora who came close to scoring. In the resumption, however, it is Palermo that scores: it does so in the 54th minute, on a ball recovered by Gomes and bolide by Brunori on which Paleari can do nothing. Cannavaro also has to give up La Gumina due to injury, and the guests come close to doubling the score with the usual Brunori: however, his lob from long distance ends its run on the post. And, as time expired, Paleari saves everything on Vido.

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