Davide Rebellin, Matteo Trentin’s scream of rage.

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Matteo Trentin: “Such a thing cannot happen in a civilized country.”

Matteo Trentin in an interview with Oasport.it vented about the tragic death of Davide Rebellin, who was hit by a truck while training on his bike: “I don’t know what to say. I still haven’t been able to express what I think. Davide was a wonderful person, always good, he was a great champion and colleague, in Monaco we used to train together sometimes. He will be missed in the group.”

On the many road accidents involving cyclists, the Blue’s position is more than clear: “These things should not happen in a civilized country. It should be the case that those who are elected at the top do their job, without ifs and buts. So many promises are made each time that are often not kept.”

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