Germani Brescia, Aleksej Nikolic introduces himself

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Aleksej Nikolic introduces himself

Germani Brescia’s new acquisition Aleksej Nikolic introduced himself at a press conference where general manager Marco De Benedetto and coach Alessandro Magro were also present.

“I am very happy to have had the opportunity to be here in Brescia and the reasons why they called me,” Nikolic began. “I know I am in a serious club and these are really important feelings. I know I have chosen the best for me at this time of the season and of my career. It’s important for me to give the team what they need, to play, to help build the game and to give my vision on the court, whether it’s defending, passing the ball or taking shots. I’ve talked to the coach and the other players, and they have welcomed me in the best way possible and are making my fit as easy as possible, waiting for me to get to work every day.”

General manager Marco De Benedetto also commented on the new addition, “We had two major injuries at the time we had started to give continuity to our game. We were faced with the question of whether to go on as we were structured in recent weeks or try to see if there was a chance to add something. I thank the ownership, because operating in the market with tight time frames and difficult general economic contingencies is never easy, and the fact that they allowed us to make the choices we wanted is not an act to be underestimated. Aleksej comes to Brescia because we wanted to add a player to our group who had the same characteristics as those in our group, namely character and personality. He is a reliable, solid and experienced player. We want him to become a facilitator, to fit into the system quickly and facilitate the functioning of the system. He has the right characteristics to be able to do that, the quality and experience to serve what we are and what we would like to continue to be.”

Finally, Coach Magro also spoke: “I also want to thank the ownership regarding the possibility of making this market move. We had the idea of making a next step at the level of minute distribution, especially taking into account our participation in the European cups. Now the goal is to try to get back to being the team we envisioned in the summer. We were extremely fortunate in finding an important player in terms of quality and experience, and I am sure he will quickly fit into our system. Ali has always shown that he understands basketball. He loves to get his teammates in rhythm and defensively he is an athlete who loves to spend himself to help the team. I think he is the perfect player to give us an extra boost at this stage of the season. The goal is for him to quickly feel part of this group, the fact that he is here in Brescia can be a great opportunity for both of us: we are a team that has huge appeal, we want to continue to have it.”

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