Morocco believes: ‘We are not just the sympathy team’

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Coach Walid Regragui confident ahead of the match with Portugal

Morocco coach Walid Regragui spoke optimistically on the eve of the World Cup quarterfinal against Portugal: “We are not walking on clouds, we can still give a lot in this World Cup. We are the little flea that wants to bother. Our state of mind is that of those who want to give their all for their country. A national team has to give excitement to its people. Plus we are the first Arab team to reach the quarterfinals, and I think the fans can help us make history. So many people are praying for us.”

“We are happy to be the sympathy team, but it is definitely not enough for us. We are the fourth African national team to reach the quarterfinals of the World Cup, but I don’t think any has ever had a complicated path like ours: Belgium, Croatia, Canada which is the strongest in North America, then Spain and now Portugal.”

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