Ferrari, skepticism about Vasseur: “Mercedes and Red Bull happy”

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Former driver Brundle critical of Ferrari’s choice: “What a risk.”

Former Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle to Sky Sports UK did not hide his skepticism about Ferrari’s choice to say goodbye to Mattia Binotto and rely on Frederic Vasseur, formerly of Alfa Romeo.

“If I were in Mercedes or Red Bull I would be happy, continuity in Formula 1 is everything. As the Formula 1 seasons get longer and more intense, you have to be careful about these changes in the organizational chart, and Ferrari in this sense has taken a risk.”

According to Brundle, Mercedes could overtake the Maranello-based team next season: “Mercedes has important continuity, as does Red Bull in terms of key figures in the organizational chart. Vasseur will have a difficult road, he has to understand the mechanisms of Maranello. And Mercedes will be able to catch up.”

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