MotoGp, Carlos Sainz bluntly on Marc Marquez

©Getty Images

“He is the Ayrton Senna of MotoGp,” the Ferrari driver’s words.

Marc Marquez and Carlos Sainz, great friends, on the sidelines of an Estrella Galicia event spoke about each other to reporters present. “Marquez in Formula 1 would be Ayrton Senna. I have no doubt about that, because he is the only one I have seen do impossible things, like Senna did,” are the Ferrari driver’s clear words. “Maybe even Verstappen, but I prefer Senna.”

The Catalan driver responded by defining Sainz as follows, “It could be Pecco Bagnaia, because he has been slow to explode, but now he is at the top. But so is Crivillé, although unlike him Sainz will win more than one title. In Spain we already had Alonso, whom I would juxtapose with Nieto, so for Carlos a juxtaposition with Crivillé is fine.”

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