Andrea Dovizioso crowned a dream

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Andrea Dovizioso hit another big goal of his.

After being a great protagonist in MotoGP, Andrea Dovizioso has hit another great goal of his. In fact, the “Dovi” has never hidden his passion for Motocross and after his retirement from the MotoGP world competitions, he has participated in several motocross races, but above all, an ambitious project of his has become concrete and official: his company RPM has in fact won the tender for the 20-year management of the track that will now be named 04 Park – Monte Coralli di Faenza. A facility that will be completely renovated thanks also to the funds made available by the PNRR “Sport and Inclusion – Cluster3” which, thanks to the Italian Motorcycling Federation, which chose the project of the Municipality of Faenza, have been assigned precisely to the aforementioned cross-course in the past the scene of many World Cross trials.

“This is a dream I’ve had for years,” Dovizioso said, “and when you have the opportunity to realize a dream like this, on a track like Monte Coralli, which has always been a reference for me (in addition to being close to home), it really seems that all the pieces to complete that desire, fit together perfectly. 04 Park – Monte Coralli is an exaggerated place, very large and in which we want to realize important projects. I would like it to become a place where off-road enthusiasts and others can meet, interact and share experiences while having fun. We will organize events and competitions. People will be able to come there to ride or simply to spend a different day, in an environment made of and with passion. 04 Park – Monte Coralli is an ambitious project, a terrain in which off-road, mini cross and pump track will coexist and evolve together at the highest level, in a ‘full gas’ atmosphere.”

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