New Tapiro for Christian Vieri for Bobo TV.

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New Tapiro for Christian Vieri

It’s been a long time since Christian Vieri asked Valerio Staffelli to come back to him to take back the Golden Tapiro he received last November 23 after the alleged flop of Bobo Tv on Raiuno, whose ratings allegedly improved. And tonight on Striscia la notizia (Channel 5, 8:35 p.m.), the satirical news correspondent pleases him. But the Tapiro leaves it to Vieri.

In the post-match of the World Cup final between France and Argentina, in fact, Bobo Tv connected with the central studio to comment on the result. Too bad some did not miss the fact that Vieri and his teammates were in the sun, while it was already evening live.

“It’s true, due to technical problems we had to record the contribution before the game. There is also the video that they would have broadcast in case France won, we had to make both in the morning,” says Vieri. Who adds, “It was still a great emotion, the most beautiful final in the history of finals.”

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