Virtus Bologna ready to return to the market, Ronci’s word

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Paolo Ronci also talks about the market

Paolo Ronci, general manager of Virtus Segafredo Bologna, also spoke about the market on Tuesday. “Like all Euroleague clubs, we are always attentive,” he assured, “if in the judgment of the technical staff there is a need, we will be ready to do so, evaluating together but we are not moved by haste. Should we identify a profile that would increase the value of the team, we will not back down as this club has always done. We also need to be patient in the long-medium term evaluation on a player and it is wrong to evaluate him every 48 hours.”

“The budget,” the HCL executive added, “? I am very critical in general, the balance sheet makes us satisfied but we are aiming to do better and better: in the league we are first alone and it is not a given since we are experiencing on our skin what it means to have this high number of games and in terms of physical and mental expenditure, as well as injuries. In the Euroleague we are fighting and the team is responding in a concrete way to defeats, even though we might have had a few more wins to get closer to our goal, but we still have accumulated experience and we feel we can offer our fans a team that fights and is capable of bouncing back.”

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