Treviso, Dino Meneghin has no doubts about Frank Vitucci’s future

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Dino Meneghin expounds on Frank Vitucci’s future in Treviso

At an event organized by Banca Generali, former FIP president Dino Meneghin spoke bluntly about Nutribullet Treviso&#39s excellent comeback in the second half of the season, which enabled the Veneto team to achieve salvation. In addition, the former head coach of Olimpia Milano also had his say on the future of Frank Vitucci.

"The competition è ruthless. The championship è tough, salvation è an indication of the good work done by the companyà the players and the coach. With a few adjustments without follies from the economic point of view we canò build something good, we need to work piece by piece without taking the longest step. Looking ahead to next season we will need the same passion, the public also plays its part, the positive chain starts from the fans" began the former national team coach as quoted in quotes on "PianetaBasket".

"We are talking about Frank who is not like 90 years old, so I would say yes. He has experience, enthusiasm and desire to work, the choice of last year è was right, as long as Vitucci is given the space to develop his ideas and make his basketball. On the market, the company knows what it can and must do to improve. They know who has performed well, on whom to insist, who canò give more and who canò be sacrificed" added Dino Meneghin.

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