LBA, Dan Peterson names favorites for 2023-24 season

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Dan Peterson weighs in on Olimpia Milano and Virtus Bologna

During an interview with the microphones of “Gazzetta dello Sport,” former coach Dan Peterson expressed his feelings about the upcoming LBA championship. “This season, like most experts, I predict another final between Olimpia and Virtus. I am less certain than in the last two years, though, as several teams have built very interesting rosters,” began the former Olimpia Milano head coach.

“I think Olimpia is more solid than last year. They will have to replace a player like Napier, who brought personality, experience and certainty. It will be up to Pangos or whoever for him not to let Shabazz’s departure weigh them down. Everything starts with the play, as all coaches know. I think Messina has clear ideas: whoever does not defend, does not play,” added the former journalist about the Red Shoes.

“I see Vrtus more athletic than last year. They bingoed with Achille Polonara, a player who can play multiple roles and brings defense, athleticism and points. I see a roster with more consistent players playing well four out of five games. I think they have the right guys now that allow you to win games even when you can’t make a basket. They are going to be the real killers,” concluded Dan Peterson about the Felsinians.

The 2022-2023 Serie A championship went into the archives with Olimpia Milano winning the scudetto, which got the better of Virtus Segafredo Bologna in a finals series characterized by the constant preservation of the court factor.

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