F1, Martin Brundle throws a dig at Ferrari

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Martin Brundle teases Ferrari

Former racing driver Martin Brundle commented on the change of team principal at the Maranello-based stable with the entry of Frederic Vasseur in place of Mattia Binotto.

The current Sky Sports Uk commentator threw a dig at Ferrari: “If I were Mercedes or Red Bull right now I would be happy, because continuity is everything. Considering how long and intense the seasons in Formula 1 are becoming, you have to pay even more attention to these kinds of changes. Mercedes has clear continuity, as does Red Bull in key figures. Fred Vasseur, on the other hand, will have to come in and find his way, establish himself, and then figure out where he is: it will be a tough task.”

“Mercedes and Red Bull are smiling because they know what is wrong with their car and I think they will come back with a much stronger car in 2023. I see Mercedes being able to challenge Ferrari and Red Bull in the next championship,” Brundle concluded.

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