Olimpia Milano, Adrien Moerman twists the finger.

©Getty Images

Adrien Moerman’s words

Adrien Moerman, a two-time European champion with Efes, will be public danger number two (the first of course will be former great Mike James) for Olimpia Milano, expected in the Euroleague by Monaco.

The Frenchman spoke this way on the eve of the game: “Milan was one of the favorites at the beginning of the season. They just reared their heads again in Belgrade, that’s why it will be a tough match. However, the Euroleague is like that, at every match you have to give your best.”

“The win at the buzzer against Alba was good for us, we have big ambitions, we are working hard to achieve them. The balance for the moment is satisfactory, but we have to get back to work every time and try to go up a level, gain even more precision in automatisms. We struggle every day to shape the best possible future for the Roca Team, we are lucky to have a group that does very well on and off the field.”

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