Tezenis Verona also active on exit: a long towards farewell

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After Giovanni Pini’s arrival, Tezenis Verona thinks about exits

In the last hours there is a Serie A club very active on the market and it is Tezenis Verona. The yellow-blue club has in fact made official the arrival, or rather the return, of Giovanni Pini, who has terminated the contract that bound him to Cantù.

Having strengthened the longs package at coach Alessandro Ramagli’s disposal, the Veneto club is now thinking about outgoing deals: first and foremost, class of 1994 center Francesco Candussi is very interested in NutriBullet Treviso, Verona’s last opponent in the championship.

The player would seem intent on leaving the Gialloblù team to seek more minutes elsewhere, and Treviso could be the ideal place. The former Pesaro and Venice among others in fact, in the first part of the season has not been given many opportunities to put himself at the service of the team.

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