Annoyed Andrey Rublev: “They mistake me for Jannik Sinner.”

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The Russian tennis player shared the anecdote with some Italian fans

Andrey Rublev in an interview with Tv Start told a funny anecdote regarding Jannik Sinner as well: “I get mistaken for many players: Shapovalov, Zverev, Tsitsipas and Sinner. At Roland Garros some Italian fans saw me and said ‘Sinner! Sinner! I told them that I was not Sinner. They insisted, saying ‘No, you are Sinner!’, and I replied ‘I am not Sinner, I promise!'”

The Russian tennis player then confessed that he lost his patience: “I told them again that I was not Sinner and asked them to leave me alone. They got quite agitated and I showed my middle finger. So, it seems that Sinner let them down,” he said wryly.

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