Ducati: for Jorge Lorenzo, the best is yet to come

©Getty Images

A triumphant year already behind him, but according to the great former the best is yet to come.

Jorge Lorenzo returned to talk about MotoGP and Ducati at the microphones of ‘DAZN,’ where he expressed confidence that the world championship won in 2022 by Pecco Bagnaia and the Borgo Panigale team is not an impromptu exploit. “I see a very red future in the coming years. I think for the next 4-5 seasons they will almost always have the best bike,” said the Majorcan.

An insight that Lorenzo added that he sensed already at the time of his brief move to Ducati: “I told them yes not so much because of the economic offer, but because I knew theirs would become the best bike. Kind of like when Lewis Hamilton went to Mercedes in 2013, making a real gamble. Everyone thought he was crazy, but then he won it.”

Lorenzo then framed Gigi Dall’Igna as one of the keys to Ducati’s success, praising him without mincing words: “On the innovation and technology front, his head is two steps ahead of the others. In the box they work as if they were a Formula 1 team, and the credit goes to Gigi who, one piece at a time, has built a perfect machine. And now they have a great balance between driver skill, speed, consistency and maturity.”

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