Sascha Zverev, bold prediction about Rafa Nadal’s future displaces all

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Sascha Zverev is unbalanced in no small way about Rafa Nadal’s future

Sascha Zverev, with ‘Eurosport,’ indulged in an unsettling statement to say the least when asked for a “bold” prediction about the 2023 season.

“In my opinion Nadal could retire after Roland Garros,” said the German, who returned to competitive play a few days ago after a few weeks’ break due to physical problems. “I don’t wish him that, but I think he could play a great tournament again in Paris, win it and then say goodbye.

Zverev will play the first round of the Australian Open 2023 against Peruvian Juan Pablo Varillas, who qualified as a lucky loser. Nadal, on the other hand, will make his debut against Britain’s Jack Draper. The German and the Spaniard, placed on opposite sides of the scoreboard, could face each other in Australia only in the final.

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